Suspended players

Suspended players
I have been asked to define a suspended player/person.
The Rules state that a when a person is suspended it is from all football activities. Therefore if a player is also a coach, official or a committee etc (or vice verse) they are also suspended from that activity.
The Judiciary may decide to allow the “other” activity to continue if they feel the original sin was not enough to cause complete suspension.However, they must be made aware prior to the actual judgement that a person has other jobs. All else needs to be Appealed (successfully)
Although most suspensions are given in “matches”or actual time (months – years) the suspension ends the Monday following.Therefore a person suspended from O35s for one match does not become available to play on Sunday for All Age.
From all football activities means exactly that, although it is difficult on public parks not to allow anyone to be a spectator and some teams expect all players to attend matches. HOWEVER, the confines of the playing surface and any fences around the playing surface is strictly out of bounds for a suspended person.
The bench and/or technical area is NOT the place for a suspended person.
Coaches cannot coach from a distance. (EG calling to players from outside the fence)
Technically,persons breaching their suspension could have their suspensions extended .

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